Rehabilitation Programs

Occupational Therapist
Middlesex Terrace Limited utilizes a private OT as needed in regards to issues such as stroke rehabilitation and seating assessments.

Physiotherapist and Physiotherapy Assistant (Kinesiologist)
Middlesex Terrace Llimited has a contract with a London based rehabilitation company to provide services within the home to our residents. These services include walking programs, strengthening exercises, group exercises, balance activities, individual exercise plan as well as one to one safety and fall preventative tips and reviews with the residents.

Social Worker
Middlesex Terrace has a Social Worker in the home twice a week; as well as one can be accessed through the local Community Care Assess Centre as needed at the residents/families request and consent.

Wheelchair / Walker Maintenance

Middlesex Terrace Limited has an agreement with an external company to visit weekly to maintain all wheelchairs, walkers, and to provide cleaning as needed. Residents however are free to choose any vendor for seating and mobility aid purchases.

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